What's the Next Step?

You've gotten your copy of the Jazz Lictionary. You are practicing the licks. Confidence is brewing. Now what?

Here are a few ideas:

* Connect licks - play the "1" Lick into the "3" Lick from Section I

* Play the Licks in Section II in "Minor" by flatting the 3's and possibly the 6's as your ear dictates.

*Start Playing Section I licks with a Blues play along track - Just one key...stay in the 1. If it's Bb all the licks in Bb

* As you're improvising, force yourself to play each lick three times: first time as is, second time alter the ending slightly, and the last time change the lick quite a bit!

* As you're playing your licks think about making them R.A.D.R!!! More on this in the next blog!!

For right now......set a an entire section of licks for 7'll be amazing what you start to create with these licks as the starting point.

Until next time!


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