What's the Next Step?

You've gotten your copy of the Jazz Lictionary. You are practicing the licks. Confidence is brewing. Now what?

Here are a few ideas:

* Connect licks - play the "1" Lick into the "3" Lick from Section I

* Play the Licks in Section II in "Minor" by flatting the 3's and possibly the 6's as your ear dictates.

*Start Playing Section I licks with a Blues play along track - Just one key...stay in the 1. If it's Bb all the licks in Bb

* As you're improvising, force yourself to play each lick three times: first time as is, second time alter the ending slightly, and the last time change the lick quite a bit!

* As you're playing your licks think about making them R.A.D.R!!! More on this in the next blog!!

For right now......set a an entire section of licks for 7'll be amazing what you start to create with these licks as the starting point.

Until next time!


Transcribing Tunes from Miles Davis 50's albums is a great way to supplement your Lictionary practice!

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