What's The Jazz Lictionary?

The Jazz Lictionary teaches improvisers the jazz language, jazz style, and rhythmic feel all at the same time.

Through characteristic jazz motives, The Jazz Lictionary finally demonstrates how to use scales to sound like the "Masters".


Inside its pages, students can transcribe, transpose, and transform themselves into great soloists.

Perfect for:

  • Instrumentalists

  • Vocalists

  • All skill levels

  • Any size group

Sample Track - The Jazz Lictionary
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“As a former student of Tony DiPasquale, I experienced first hand the success that Tony's simple, yet extraordinary approach to teaching improv can bring. My use of his method from 5th grade to present shows the application that his book can have on all ages. His teaching is a major reason behind my musical success today.”

Jordin Gouge, Director of Bands, Mascoutah High School

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